MineWurx Studio is located in Fairfax, VA and has been in operation since the late 90’s.

We are a studio and agency B2B specializing in voice over audio production, narration, editing, and talent casting for the medical advertising, science and healthcare animation – biomedical visualization industry.
Along with medical and scientific animation audio, we work on A/V for web multi-media, trade show kiosks, product presentations and demonstrations. Given the brilliant people we’ve partnered with for the last few decades, we’ve developed a certain industry fluency that makes us easy to work with.

We’re super laid back and enjoy what we do. We try to work through the prism of our client’s clients, with a clear appreciation of the importance of seamless workflows, attention to detail, fast turn-around and accurate, efficient, high quality results.

Plain and simple – it’s the only way we work.